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Analysis: there's a lot of differences between china and america in culture. we all know that american people may direct than chinese people, they do what they say, but chinese people may come to the opposite, don't tell what they want directly but in a indirect way. this is an example of culture gap between china and america.

the failure of George start from his mistake about chinese business man:" Since he had read that Chinese find getting down to business immediately too abrupt and rude", based on this understanding, " he began a casual conversation, eventually leading up to the topic of his products and suggesting how Mr. Li’s company might benefit from using them." but Mr.Li don't think same as George, he may think that George was too informal that not respectful enough or make the conversation less important by feeling.

so when they consult about the meeting, George uses very informally utterances and make discission directly and "abrupt", but Mr. Li use indirect word to reject his suggestion, then use indirect form reject his meeting.

suggestions: in this case, George should use formal conversation with Mr. Li, and Mr. Li should more direct and frank to George, if they can respect each other and use the common sence of international communication, this business conversation would go on wheels.



《新编实用英语第二版综合教程1》课后5\6\7练习答案 Unit1 5 1. It is my impression that a typical English gentleman often takes an umbrella with him. 2. To the students, the introduction to the cultural background is the best part of the book. 3. When we talk with a foreign lady, in most cases we should not ask such personal questions as her age. 4. Many young people prefer pop songs to old songs. They think pop singers are very cool. 5. This beautiful and clean city has left a deep impression upon foreign tourists. 6. Professor Lu Yang stood on the plane’s entrance and waved good-bye to us. 6 1. We often express our happiness with a smile. She often speaks with a strong local accent. 2. Similarly, Professor Green couldn’t bear laziness. Similarly, they don’t want to rely on others. 3. Speaking of English, I’ve got to go to class. Speaking of business cards, I’ve got to print some more now. 4. In China, family relationships are usually rather close. In my hometown, companies are usually rather small. 5. These boys prefer football to basketball. I prefer Chinese food to Western food. 6. Such an ending may be too hasty to me. Such weather may be too hot to the tourists. 7 1.We often prepare some Chinese food for our foreign friends. 2. Can you give me some help? 3. Let’s reserve him a quiet room in the hotel. 4. Li Li teaches Mr. Green Chinese every morning. 5. Please call me David. 6. Do you often send e-mails to your parents? 7. There are quite a few new words in this text. Unit 2 5 1. Teachers should pay more attention to the students’ individual differences. 2. Professor Yang tends to give the students some substantial and valuable advice. 3. You are not required to give an expensive gift, but at least you should send him a thank-you card. 4. We should learn to respect others’ life style. 5. In contrast, many students appreciate all the more the communication with their teachers out of class. 6. As a matter of fact, I prefer to live a quiet country life instead of a modern city life. 6 1. The style of paintings may vary from one artist to another. The flavor of dishes may vary from place to place. 2. Here is a book to help you with your English learning. Here is a way to improve our service. 3. England is a tradition-observing country. The U.S. is a sports-loving country. 4. It is not unusual in England to begin a conversation by talking about the weather. It is not unusual in Singapore to hear people speaking in different languages. 5. In contrast, you get fewer friends than enemies in this way. In contrast, you get more pleasure than money in doing this job. 6. As a matter of fact, the poem would be appreciated all the more if it is written in modern English. As a matter of fact, our product would be attractive all the more if there is some promotion. 7 1. I have a set of VCD on English learning. It is very helpful to me. 2. Xiao Li has handed in a job application letter to a travel agency. 3. She likes fruit juice, but the juice in this glass is too sweet. 4. She is the only girl who enjoys playing the piano in the department. 5. This is a used (second-hand) car, but it is in very good condition. Unit 3 5 1. I don’t think you have realized the importance of education. 2. Hurry up. The plane is taking off in half an hour. 3. He was very nervous, but he answered all the questions in a calm voice. 4. I’m going to catch a train. It’s leaving at half past seven. 5. Do you fasten the safety belt when driving? 6. They have checked in at the best hotel in the city. 6 1. I knew he was going to talk about it when he came into the room. I knew I would get the job when the interviewer asked me the first question. 2. It takes nine hours for us to go from here to Beijing. It took half an hour for me to find his office. 3. You’d better hurry or you’ll be late for class. You’d better walk quietly or you’ll wake him up. 4. I was the last person to know the news. He was the first scientist to study outer space. 5. Please remain seated and keep your books closed. Please remain silent and keep the window shut. 6. You can imagine how nervous he was, but his friends were confident. You can imagine how excited he was, but his parents were indifferent. Unit4 5 1. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. 2. I’d like to make an appointment to see Dr. Smith. 3. It’s impolite to enter a room without knocking at the door first. 4. Inform us as soon as possible if anything special happens. 5. They were angry because you had not kept your promise. 6. In this case, let’s try to get there early. Key to Ex. 6: 1. What’s the point of her reading without thinking? What’s the use of your arguing with him? 2. Whenever they have a difficulty, you should try to help them. Whenever you have a problem, you should let me know. 3. The same is true with the custom of celebrating New Year. The same is true with the study of computer science. 4. In this case, you should tell him your decision beforehand. In this case, you should say sorry to him later. 5. In social activities, it is always emphasized to have a strong conception of time. In social activities, it is always emphasized to respect other people. 6. It is hard to imagine what will happen if we don’t pay attention to the environment. It is hard to imagine what will happen if we don’t take actions to reduce pollution. Unit 5 5 1. We predict good weather for several days ahead though the temperature may be rather low. 2. She has experienced quite a lot for such a young age. 3. The chairman wound up his speech by giving thanks to everyone present. 4. People across the country are hailing for China’s successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games. 5. The current global situation is favorable to us. 6. They enjoy a 30-day paid holiday every year. 7. Viruses can reach your computer in various ways. 6 1. It looks like that we are going to be listening to all this nonsense through the meeting. It looks like that she is going to feel depressed through the month. 2. The weather is expected to be terrible through the weekend. The economy is expected to be slump through the year. 3. He walked as far south as the river and then stopped for a rest. The desert stretches as far north as the border. 4. She made a hit in the performance, her first success of the year. She’ll never forget him, her first love of the life. 5. If you are thinking about a further study, now’s the time to do it. If you are thinking about buying a house, now’s the time to do it. 6. Back to the topic just now, once again, that is only my personal idea. Back to study, once again, you must work hard. Unit 6 5 1. What has made the triathlon one of the most attractive Olympic sports? 2. In order to do the research project, many scientists have given up their personal happiness. 3. The audience has got tired of these often-repeated phrases. 4. It will do us a lot of good to take part in more social activities. 5. She is confident to come first at the Olympic Games. 6. He is not quite sure if it is worth doing. 7. They will realize the importance of environmental protection sooner or later. 8. It’s late. It seems that I have to run all the way to school. 6 1. Susan promises to be an outstanding student. This new skyscraper promises to be the highest building in this city. 2. What makes the professor devote so much time to his work? What makes the parents feel so satisfied with the school? 3. The performance seemed so interesting that all the people in the entire crowd is attracted. The cookery seemed so fascinating that I’m eager to try at once. 4. Curiously, the children watched the experiment with full attention. Hopefully, he entered the final competition. 5. We realized then that we had made a wrong decision. We ended up losing a very good opportunity. She realized then that they had cheated her. Her company ended up losing $100,000. 6. I’m afraid that if he doesn’t follow our advice, he will run into trouble. I’m afraid that if you miss the chance, it will be hard for you to get a second one. 7. I was almost as good as my mother in cooking, but much less skilled in knitting. I was almost as good as they are in speed, but much weaker in endurance. 8. With her devotion to the research, she will find a way to cure the disease sooner or later. With his devotion to writing, his novel will be published sooner or later. Unit 7 5 1. This city is/has been blessed with beautiful scenery and rich natural resources. 2. The first Dragon-boat Festival was observed after the death of Qu Yuan, and people showed their respect to this great man in a unique way. 3. A traditional Chinese birthday dinner usually includes chicken soup noodle. 4. Some Chinese families will even start to prepare for the new year much early, although most will wait until a couple of weeks before Spring Festival. 5. Their love for the country is expressed in the sweet melody “My Homeland”. 6. The football fans who could not join the club in the host matches will never fail to watch each game on TV. 7. Though Guangdong dishes are popular the world over, many of them no longer maintain their special flavors. 6 1. However, the player would not have made the goal without the cooperation of his teammates. However, many people would not have survived the flood without the help given by the PLA men. 2. The time after the final examinations is the most relaxing of the busy term. The hour after midnight is the darkest time of the day. 3. This desire is expressed in the article/essay “Three days to see”. This mood is expressed in the poem “Moonlight”. 4. Parents are kept busy with duties they believe to be offered by nature. Housewives are kept busy with chores they believe to be imposed upon them by society. 5. The general way of practicing yoga is similar to that for practicing tai-ji. The traditional track races are similar to the modern ones. 6. Though paper cutting is now a popular arts form almost the world over, it still maintains its oriental flavor. Though the CEO is now a well-known figure almost the world over, he still maintains his simple life style. Unit 8 4 1. These friends from abroad have visited such cities in China as Xi’an, Guilin, and Dalian. 2. This skin problem is tiresome and it will cause big trouble. 3. Don’t worry. You are just not yet acclimated to the new place. 4. This herb pillow will greatly reduce the pain of a stiff neck. 5. This method is indeed effective. I do appreciate your help. 6. Although the ad sounds very convincing, she is still reluctant to order the new product. 5 1. We may be fooled by certain tricks such as sweet words and overstating. She may be touched by certain actions such as a hug and a kiss. 2. You will get too disappointed or have a bad temper with such a poor service. She may get too far behind or have an accident with such an old bicycle. 3. Other pets may exhibit bad behavior if they cannot adapt to a new environment. Other students may have emotional problems if they are not accustomed to the competition. 4. Massage is also effective for a stiff neck. Taijiquan Exercise is also good for cancer patients. 5. In some cases, precaution is of the biggest necessity. In any case, keeping calm is of the biggest importance. 6. They will not only like your performance, but also like the lively atmosphere of the party. We will not only remember your friendship, but also appreciate the help from other colleagues.



跨文化交际英语教程 许力生(新世纪高等院校英语专业本科生系列教材)


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Communication Between Cultures

Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach (Ron Scollon & Suzanne Wong Scollon)















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