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  • 2023-04-12
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  • 简单日常英语句子

    【 #英语口语#导语】在学习日常交际英语口语的时候会发现有一些句子是相当常见、实用的。如果我们将这些口语句子收集起来进行针对性的学习,那么学习效果一定很明显。以下是 考 网整理的日常交际的英语口语900句摘抄,欢迎阅读!


    1.Thank you for the invitation.谢谢你的邀请。

    2.I assure you. 我向你保证。

    3.I bet you can. 我确信誉搏你能做到。

    4.I can handle it. 我自己可以应付。

    5.I can‘t afford it我买不起。

    6.I can‘t believe it. 我简直不敢相信。

    7.I can‘t resist temptation. 我不能抵挡诱惑。

    8.I can‘t stand it 我受不了。

    9.I can‘t tell. 我说不准。

    10.I totally agree. 我完全同意。


    Where can I catch a taxi?哪里我可以叫到出租车?

    The taxi zone is right on the left corner over there.出租车站台就在左边转角处。

    Are you free?您有空吗?

    Sure. Where are you going?当然。您要去哪里?

    Drive me back to Santa Clara.载我到圣塔克莱拉。

    Santa Clara? OK. That's about 20 miles away.圣塔克莱拉?好的,大约是20英里远。

    How much will it cost?需要多少钱?

    庆没祥That'll be thirty-six dollars, sir.先察野生,车费是36元。

    Here you are. You can keep the change.给你。零钱不用找了。

    You're very generous.你真慷慨。

    That's alright. You're a lot of help.没关系。你帮了很大的忙。

    Take me to the railway station.载我到火车站。

    Take me back.载我回去。


    A:Hi, Dora. So, I hear you are going to United States next week.

    B:So I am.

    A:When did you get your passport?

    B:I got it last week.

    A:How long is it valid?

    B:It's valid for five years. I'm planing to do a doctor's degree during my stay there.

    A:Good. Good luck to you!

    B:Thank you very much.


    1.Enquiries are dwindling.询盘正在减少。

    2.What about delivery time?什么时间交货?

    3.How about the supply position?供应情况怎么样?

    4.Please give us your best price.请给我们报。

    5.What about the terms of payment?以什么作为付款方式?

    6.Do you offer FOB or CIF?你们报船上交货价还是到岸价?

    7.Can you quote a CIF price for me?你能报到岸价格给我吗?

    8.Can you shed all light on your price?我想要你们的全部报价。

    9.Please make us an offer for Leather Glovers.请报皮手套的价格。

    10.We'd be willing to accept your CIF price.我愿意按照到岸价交易。


    1. We'd like to express our desire to establish business relationship with you on the basis of quality, mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods .


    2. In order to extend our export business to your country we wish to enter into direct business relations with you.


    3. Our hope is to establish mutually beneficial trading relations between us .


    4. We look forward to further extensions of pleasant business relations.


    5. It’s our hope to continue with considerable business dealing with you.


    6. We look forward to receiving your quotation very soon.


    7. I hope you see from the reduction that we are really doing our utmost.


    8. We hope to discuss business with you at your earliest convenience.



    1. he was so hard on me last night。


    2. i have a hard time with my girlfriend。


    3. you're getting on my nerves。


    4. get off my back, i didn't sleep last night。


    5. cut me some slack! give me some slack!


    6. don't let your father down。


    7. i don't give a shit i don't give a damn。


    8. people have dirty looks on their faces。


    9. tough luck, but shit happens。


    10. i got the short end of the stick。



    625. the roof has leaks in it,and the front steps need to be fixed.


    626. i’m worried about the appearance of the floor.


    627. we’ve got to get a bed and a dresser for the bedroom.


    628. what style furniture do you have ? is it traditional?


    629. we have drapes for the living room,but we need kitchen curtains.


    630. the house needs painting.it’s in bad condition.



    ●在飞机上 您想喝点儿什么? what would you like to drink? what would you like to drink? (您想喝点儿什么?) well, what do you have? (您这儿都有什么?) anything to drink? (您喝什么吗?) 请来一杯咖啡。 coffee, please. 要加牛奶和糖吗? with sugar and cream? *cream “牛奶”。回答“要”用yes, please,“不要”用no, thank you.明确地给予回答是一种礼貌。 午餐您要牛肉还是要鱼? what would you like for dinner, beef or fish? beef or fish for dinner? which would you like, beef or fish? 请给我牛肉。 beef, please. 您用完了吗? have you finished? are you through? 还没有。 no, not yet. 我可以收走了吗? may i clear the table? *clear 有“收拾餐具”的意思。 may i clear the plates off the table? 请您收拾一下桌子吧。 clear the table, please. clear the table, please. (请您收拾一下桌租州陆子吧。) yes, sir. (好的。) 您能给我杯水吗? can i have some water? 能给我点儿喝的吗? can i have something to drink? 请给我一条毯子。 a blanket, please. 我觉得冷/热。 i feel cold/hot. i feel cold. (我觉得冷。) i'll turn on the heater.(我去把空调打开。) 我觉得恶心。 i feel sick. i'm not feeling well. 能给我点儿药吗? can i have some medicine? 您能告诉我怎么填这张表吗? could you tell me how to fill out this form? *fill out 是“(在空白的地方)填写”。from是填写用的表格。 may i help you? (有事吗?) could you tell me how to fill out this form? (您能告诉我怎么填这张表吗?) how do i fill out this form? (这张表怎么填?) can you help me with this form? (您能帮我填这张表格吗?) ●在机场 请出示您的护照。 may i see your passport, please? may i see your passport, please? (请出示您的护照。) here it is. (给。) 您在美国停留多长时间? how long will you be staying in the united states? how long will you be staying in the united states? (您在美国停留多长时间?) i plan to stay for a week. (我计划呆一个星期。) 您来旅行的目的? what's the purpose of your visit? what brought you here? why are you here?*这种说法给人不礼貌的感觉。 旅游。/工作。 sightseeing/business. 我是来工作的。 i'm here on business. 我是来度假的。 i'm here on vacation. i'm vacationing. 您住哪儿? where are you staying? where are you staying? (您[打算]住在哪儿?) i'm staying at the benson hotel. (我住在本森饭店。) 有什么需要报关的吗? do you have anything to declare? do you have anything to declare? (有什么需要报关的吗?) no, i don't. (没有。)



    1. What horrible weather! 这鬼天气!

    2. Which would you prefer? 你要选哪个?

    3. Does she like ice-cream? 她喜欢吃冰淇淋吗?

    4. First come first served. 先到先得。

    5. Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同。

    6. He has a sense of humor. 他有幽默感。

    7. He is acting an old man. 他正扮演一个老人。

    8. He is looking for a job. 他正在找工作。

    9. He doesn’t care about me. 他并不在乎我。

    10. I develop films myself. 我自己冲洗照片。

    11. I felt no regret for it. 对这件事我不觉得后悔。

    12. I get up at six o’clock. 我六点起床。

    13. I meet the boss himself. 我见到了老板本人。

    14. I owe you for my dinner. 我欠你晚餐的钱。

    15. I’m fed up with my work! 我对工作烦死了!

    16. It’s no use complaining. 发牢骚没什么用。

    17. She’s under the weather. 她心情不好。

    18. The child sobbed sadly. 小孩伤心地抽泣着。

    19. The rumor had no basis. 那谣言没有根据。

    20. They praised him highly. 他们大大地表扬了他。




    2、 第一部分生活问题回答不要长篇大论。




    4、 直接回答问题不要绕弯子




    口语考试可能安排在笔试前一周至笔试后一周的任意一天。口语考试可以进行在线预订,您最终的口试安排将显示在准考证上, 且不能按照您的要求进行更改。




    您可以在报名截止日期前2天教育部考试中心雅思报名网站个人主页, 在“查看已注册考试”界面的“口试日期”栏点击“立即预订”按钮,按照个人需求在可供选择的日期预订上/下午时间段。英国文化教育协会将尽量根据您的意愿进行口试日期及时间安排。

















    雅思是一种题库型考试,为了防止出现太多背诵答案、投机取巧的情况,雅思会在每年1、5、9月换口语题库一轮,包括 Part1、Part2、Part3,其他的听力阅读写作不受影响。口语新题只有在新题月(1、5、9月)会有,新的题目会在两周左右的时间稳定,之后的几个月一般不会再出现新题,所以一般大家都会在在报名考试的时候尽量避免这三个月的前2场考试。



    3、Part 1 备考方法

    Part 1叫做“简介以及问答”,内容涉及生活中的方方面面,其中hometown, study/work以及accommodation是必考题,并加入其他生活中常见的小话题,话题范围非常的宽泛。可以说:日常生活中的各种可发展对话的话题都有可能出现在考题中。就出题设计而言,是为了考察考生到国外生活的日常交往能力。

    考官一般会选题库中的3-4个话题来进行考察,每个话题下面又会抽2-3个小问题,考生一共要在这部分回答大约10个问题左右。Part1可以说是雅思口语里相对简单的一个部分,但是part 1处于开局的重要位置,通常考官会根据这一部分给出对你的基本印象分,奠定part2和3的基础,所以同学们也要好好准备这一部分的新题!

    新题中的全新话题有movies, shoes, weather, color, morning routine, cooking, holiday, photos, sunglasses, cities, paintings, park\garden, drink water.








    在门口的时候,考官会问你,“Do you bring mobile phone or any other electronic devices?”回答No就好。接着会问你 “Have you brought your identification card with you?”回答yes就好。






    501.身在福中不知福。 Take it for granted.

    E.g.A: You should appreciate the fact that you have parents who love you. Don’t take it for granted.

    502. 嗨! 我们又见面了。 Hey, we meet again!

    8 字篇

    503.有本事你做给我看!Let’s see you do it!


    504.你没别的事好做吗?Don’t you have anything better to do?(本句有要对方离自己远一点的意思)

    505.你先毁氏走,我随后就到。 You go first. I’ll catch up later.

    506.你想到哪里去了啊? What are you thinking?


    507.我的意思不是那样!That’s not what I’m saying!

    注:这句话也可说成“That’s not what I mean.”

    508.你这话是什么意思?What do you mean by that?


    509.这种事谁也说不准。You can never tell about this sort of thing.

    510. 让我一个人静一静。 Leave me be.

    注:本句跟“Leave me alone.”“I want to be alone.”意思一样。而看到这种情形,通常会问“Wanna talk?”,就是“Do you want to talk?”纤闭散的口语用法。

    511.睁一只眼,闭一只眼。I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.


    512.放一百二十个心吧。Relax. You can count on me.


    513.区区小事,何足挂齿。It’s nothing. Don’t mention it.

    注:本句另一个说法是“You’re welcome.

    514.你出这什么馊主意!That’s a bad idea if I’ve ever heard one!

    515.你给我看清楚一点!Take a closer look!


    516.我不是告诉过你吗?Didn’t I tell you before?(before加重语气,表示不耐烦)

    517.我什么时候说过了?When did I say that?(表示说者在为自己辩解,否认有这回事)

    518.干嘛发火,谁惹你啦?Why so pissed off? Someone got in your way?

    注:piss本意是小便,语气较粗鲁,所以多在私底下使用。“piss someone off”是叫某人滚开 “something piss me off”,是某事令自己愤怒或厌烦。

    519.你从哪冒出来的啊?Where’d you come from?

    520. 家家有本难念的经。Every family has problems.

    521. 天下无不散的筵席。 All things must come to an end.

    522.我会自己想办法的。I can handle it myself. (也可用I can take care of it myself.)

    523.不用你说我也知道。 That goes without saying.

    524.你穿这样不够保暖。 You’re not wearing enough. It’s cold out there.

    注:也可以说“Put on some more clothes. It’s freezing outside.

    525.此一时也,彼一时也。Times have changed.

    注:这是很常用的句子,也可说“Times are changing.”

    526.只准早到,不许迟到。 You have to be on time. Don’t be late.

    527.那有什么好奇怪的? What’s so weird about that?

    528.我可不是说着玩的。 I’m not joking.

    529.有种你给我试试看。 I dare you to try.

    530.这有什么大不了的?What’s the big deal?

    531.怎么可能有这种事?How could that be?

    532.什么风把你吹来啦?What brings you here?

    533.你认为这个很有趣?You think this is funny?

    534.一手交钱,一手交货。 You give me the money. I’ll get you the goods.

    535.如果我没搞错的话…… If I’m not mistaken…

    536.有些人就是学不乖。Some people never learn.

    537. 谁说让你做主了啊?Who put you in charge?

    538.朋友是做什么用的?What are friends for?

    539.谢谢你临时来帮忙。Thanks for coming to help on such a short notice.

    540.这主意不是我出的!It’s not my idea!

    541.我忘了要说什么了。I forgot what I was gonna say.

    542. 最糟的还不只这样。 The worst is yet to come.

    543.坐而言,不如起而行。 Actions speak louder than words.

    544. 看什么看? 没看过啊! What are you looking at? Never seen this before.

    545.我不晓得在哪儿见过他。 I don’t know where I’ve seen him before.

    546.我根本不是他的对手。 I’m no match for him.

    547.你一定可以撑下去的。 You can do it.

    548.我一个人哪做得完啊! I can’t do it by myself.

    549.我这样还不是为你好! I’m doing it for you!

    550.天底下哪有这种好事。 That’s too good to be true.

    551. 这样算什么英雄好汉? What kind of hero is that?

    注:常用于私底下对他人得批评。更挖苦的说法则是“Some hero, huh?”,表示非常的不以为然。

    552.你以为我喜欢这样啊? You think I like it like this?


    553. 这可不是天天都有的。It doesn’t happen every day.

    554.除了吃,你还会做什么?What do you do besides eating?


    555.大家都好了,就等你啦! Everyone’s ready and waiting for you.

    556.我不想给人家添麻烦。I don’t want to cause any trouble.

    557.天下没有白吃的午餐。There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

    558.这个我恐怕帮不上忙。I probably can’t help you with this.

    559.早就知道了,还用你说!I know. Save your breath!

    560.没想到会在这碰上你。 I didn’t think I’d see you here.

    561.把那句话给我收回去! Take it back!

    562.我等你等得不耐烦了! I couldn’t wait any longer for you!

    563.就当我什么也没说过。 Just pretend I didn’t say anything.

    564.你也未免想太多了吧! You’re thinking too much.

    565.你干嘛老是找我麻烦? Why do you always bother me?

    Why are you always on my back?

    566.你鬼叫个什么劲儿啊!Why are you yelling?

    567.他有什么地方比我好?What does he have that I don’t?

    568.你就这么爱耍我是吗?You like to play with me, don’t you?

    10 字篇

    569.这些东西怎么会在这里?What are these things doing here?

    570.他根本不把我放在眼里。 He looks down on me.

    He doesn’t take me seriously.

    571. 这种事是不能开玩笑的!This isn’t a laughing matter.

    572. 不值得为这点小事生气。Don’t get mad. It’s not worth it.

    573. 这再便宜你就买不到了。 You can’t get it any cheaper than this.

    574. 我们才刚好聊到你而已。 Speak of the devil.

    575. 真不知道你是怎么想的!I don’t know what you’re thinking!

    576. 你自己也没好到哪里去。 You’re not so great yourself.

    577. 凶什么凶? 我又没得罪你。Why are you so mean? I’ve never done anything to you.

    11 字篇

    578. 只要你说得出来,他们都有。 You name it. They’ve got it.

    579. 我又不咬人,干嘛那么怕我?Why are you so scared? I don’t bite.

    12 字篇

    580. 我五分钟内就可以准备好了。 I’ll be ready within five minutes.

    581. 跟我猜的一样。(跟我想的一样。) That’s what I guessed. (That’s what I thought.)

    582. 你硬是要这么做,我也没办法。 If you insist.

    583. 我没那么笨!又不是三岁小孩。 You think I was born yesterday!



    1.do you want? 你想要些什么?

    2. I want a cup of coffee. 我想来杯咖啡。

    3. What would you like to eat? 你想吃些什么?

    4. Please give me a piece of pie.请给凯禅我来片馅饼。

    5.Which one would you like--this one or that one?你想要哪一个?这一个还是那一个?

    6. It doesn’t matter to me. 随便就可以了。

    7. I’d like to talk with Mr.Johns or Mr.Smith.我想和约翰先生或史密斯先生讲话。

    8. I’m sorry, but both of them are busy right now.很抱返枯歉,他们都在忙。

    9. Wouldn’t you like some coffee? 不想来点咖啡吗?

    10.I’d rather have some tea, if you don’t mind.如果你不介意的话,请给我来杯茶。

    11. Do you know any of those people?你认识这些人吗?