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1.The Fox and the Tiger(狐假虎威)

Tiger: I’m a great tiger. I’m very athletic. I’m very brave. I’m the king of the forest.But now I’m very hungry. I must find a little food. Oh, there’s nothing here. Oh, I’m very hungry. (Sleep soundly)

老虎: 我是一只伟大的老虎。 我非常强壮。 我是非常勇敢的。 我是森林的国王。但现在我非常饿。 我必须发现些食物。噢,我好饿。 (酣然昏眠)

Fox: I’m a fox. You can see, I’m pretty and lovely. I’m good at cheating and telling lies. Just now I cheated a crew out of a piece of meat. Mm, Mm, Mm. How delicious it is!

狐狸: 我是狐狸。 您能看,我是俏丽和可爱的。 我是擅长于欺诈0and告诉谎言。


Three visits to the cottage



Three visits to the cottage(中文名三顾茅庐) is a story from one of the Four Great

classical Chinese novels——the Three Kindoms. ZhuGeliang is one of the main

characters in the original. Also, he is an outstanding militarist, politician and the symbol of the wisdom in Chinese history. Another main actors——Liubei, who visited ZhuGeliang'sthatched cottage three timesandwanted to invite him tobe his military adviser. Finally, ZhuGeliang was moved by Liubei' sincerity, helpedthe three brothers——Liubei, Guanyu and Zhangfei to establish the Shu Kindom.Now,let’s go into the story.



诸葛亮:Buliang,this classroom is so dirty,猪不亮扫地,送水(营养快线) 三兄弟上场,关羽(头巾),刘备(墨镜),张飞(不停打嗝) 刘:饭后一支烟,赛过活神仙

A cigerate after dinner plays an important role in my life.(伸手,张飞点烟,刘深吸一口,长舒一口气)


En? It dosen’t burn on.


Sorry,we can only has this.We can’t smoke in the classroom! 关羽:此番前来,定要邀请的卧龙先生 We must invite Mr.Zhu Geliang! 张飞:必须的,老曹太欺负人了

Certainly,Mr.Cao bully us too much. 三人来到门前,石头剪子布 刘备:According to our custom? 关羽:OK.

张飞:No problem.刘备三人进行石头剪子布,刘备输了,其余两人把刘备推到前面。


孔雀东南飞 英语搞笑剧本

Wander severy five miles

焦仲卿Johnny (Jforshort) 刘兰芝Lunch(Lforshort)

焦母Johnny’smother (JMforshort) 刘母Lunch’smother(LMforshort)

太守之子Mayor’sson (MSforshort) 强盗Burglars(ABandC)



J:Everybody says that I’m henpecked,but in fact,I’m as strong as a tiger,(小声)while my

wifeis Wu Song.

(指着上台处的门大声道)I’m not afraid of you!

(内砸出一脸盆,J接住当成盾牌护着头)Then,I’m afraid of whom?

My wife Lunch is the most famous woman in the neighbor-hood.She is braver than me,

smarter than me and stronger than me.All this I do not care.I only want her to be tender

than me.But she is not!Having a wife like this is just like living in the hell!


My God!Who can help me?(下)



JM(拄拐棍上):I can!

(对门内)Lunch!Lunch!Where are you?

L(扎着围裙,拿着锅铲,从门内跳出来):I’m here!What’s up mum?

JM:I’ve told you again and again that you should call me“my most beautiful graceful and

dearest mother-in-law”.

L:OK.My most beautiful graceful and dearest mother-in-law,what’s up?

JM:Since you married my son you have behaved so badly.You have been so rude,so brusque,so



JM:Never interrupt me!

L:Never interrupt me!Since I married your son,that terrible Johnny,I have been working hard all

day long,cooking and washing.I have raised ten soft housands of pigs and ducks and chicken


JM:But all those you have done are not as valuable as a grandson!

L(生气地挥动着锅铲):Oh,you want a grandson,don’t you?(开始解围裙)Goan dask your

son.I’m leaving!(扯下围裙,扔在JM的脸上,下)



L:Mum,I’m back!

LM:You are back?Why?What happened?

L:I was kicked out by my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother–in-law.

LM(惊讶,但随即露出幸灾乐祸的神情):See!I have already told you!When you insisted on

marrying that terrible Johnny,I told you that he is ugly stupid and poor,but you did not listen

to me.Look at yourself……


LM:Never interrupt me!

L:Mum,I’m not interrupting you.I just want to tell you that you are always right OK?And

I’ll marry whom ever you want me to.

LM(大喜):Nice girl!Just now,I met the mayor’s son in the market.He said:“If your daughter

Haven’t been married,I really really want to marry her!”Now you are free again,I’ll go

and tell him.(下)

L(惊愕):What?The mayor’s son?The most famous play boy in the neighbor-hood?(手中的锅

铲掉在地上)What as illy thing I have done!(下)



J(边走边道):Lunch!Lunch!Where are my socks?

(走了几步,在地上捡起袜子)Here they are!(闻一下) Er!How smelly!They are still dirty!

(突然想起)Lunch has gone!I have to wash them myself.

(他的肚子似乎咕咕叫了起来)Oh,I’m so hungry!But there’s no breakfast!(捡起地上的围

裙)This is what Lunch always wears!I miss her so much,and her excellent cooking skill!Now

she has gone.I have to cook for my mother and myself.

JM(上):Where’s my breakfast?Where’s Lunch?Hasn’t she got up yet?

J:Mum,can’t you remember?Lunch has gone!

JM(沉吟片刻):Well,to tell you the truth Johnny,a son without a wifeis useless.Lunch is an ice

girl,go and take her back!

J(立正敬礼):Yes madam!



A:Hey you!Stop and listen to us!

The road is built by me!(抬脚重重地踩在一块大石头上)

B:And I planted one tree!(亦抬脚踩在同一块石头上)

C:If you want to go by this street---(欲踩石头,但踩到了A的脚)

AB&C:Give us all your money!

J(搜遍了每一个口袋,掏出1角硬币):Is1 mao enough?


A:What bad luck!This guy is broken!

B:If we can not robany money today,we will have nothing to eat tonight!

C:I heard that the mayor’s son is going to marry Miss Liu Lan zhi next month.WE can go and

rob the wedding!

A&B:Good idea!

J(惊讶):What?What?Lunch is going to get married?It’s impossible!

AB&C:Why?A pretty girl and a rich man,what a good couple!

标题: 孔雀东南飞 英语搞笑剧本

J:But Lunch is my wife!We haven’t got divorced yet!

(突然有了主意)I’ve got an idea!You are going to rob the wedding,don’t you?I’ll go

with you.You take the money and I take the bride.

B:Have you got any experience?

J:No.But I’ve got this!(J脱下鞋子从里面摸出一张支票,上书$1,000,000)




ABC&J:Hey you!Stop and listen to us!

A:The road is built by me!

B:And I planted one tree.

C:If you want to go by this street---

J:Give us all your money!




J(火冒三丈):How dare you beat my wife!(挥拳向MS冲去)



J(扶起L,关切地问):Honey,how are you?

L(哭状):I hurt a lot!

J:Don’t cry baby.I’ll go and fetch the medicine. (下)

L(起身去追):Wait for me! (跑下)

【5人英语短剧】阿拉丁传说 The Tale of Aladdin

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【The Gifts (礼物)】中英文短剧剧本

【4人英语短剧】阿拉丁传说 The Tale of Aladdin

【7人英文话剧】花木兰 Mulan



大臣(1): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prince-dancing ball. This night, our worshipful Prince Edward(这时,王子走了出来,向所有来宾鞠躬)will select the most beautiful and kindest girl to be his queen .Now, young girls, come to the front, please! (女孩子们走上前) 大臣(2):(将头转向王子)Highness,how are they? Which one do you like? 王子: (皱起眉头)Mmm…I don’t think they are… (Cinderella suddenly comes in) 大臣们: (惊叹)Wow! How beautiful THAT girl is! (众来宾惊恐地回过头) 旁白:She's like a fairy. She's like an Angel. She's so lovely. She's like a princess. How pretty Cinderella is! 王子:(走上前,鞠躬) Pretty lady, may I be honored to dance with you? 灰姑娘: I'd love to.(握住王子的手,开始跳舞) (Music and dance) 旁白:Beautiful Cinderella and handsome Prince Edward are dancing. They fall in love.

(12点的钟声猛然敲响了,敲了6下) 灰姑娘: Oh, it's time to go back. I must go now. I am sorry that I cannot dance with you any more, sir! 王子: Wait, miss, please wait! (追上去) 灰姑娘:(急忙地跑,掉了一只鞋)Good bye, sir! 王子: (拿起鞋)Pretty lady! Why are you leaving? I must find you!! Soldiers!! 士兵们: Yes!! 王子: Take this shoe to every house and let all the young girls have a try tomorrow morning. You must find the girl for me. FAST! 士兵们: Yes, highness! 第四场布景:灰姑娘家的花园中

灰姑娘:(失去了魔法的帮助,变回了原样)Oh…He was gentle, he was handsome, oh! I cannot forget him… I love him! But I hadn’t found Prince Edward and danced with him yet…

鸽子: Cinderella, don’t you know? The man who danced with you was PRINCE EDWARD!! (猫和变回原样的狗点头附和)

灰姑娘:REALLY?? My goodness!! (捂住嘴巴,不敢相信的样子) Oops, I am sorry…I haven’t done the housework! Mum, Helen and Jenny will back soon! They will be angry! See you soon, buddies! (哼着小曲跳走了) 第五场布景:灰姑娘家

(士兵敲门) 士兵(3):Good morning, madam.

后妈: Good morning. What’s the matter, sir? 士兵: Are there any young girls in this house, madam? 士兵(2): The pretty lady lost her shoe in the palace. 士兵(3): The prince wanted to find her and marry her. 后妈:(笑着说)Of course, sir, wait a minute!(往身后招招手,让女儿(1)过来)

后妈女儿(1): (急急忙忙跑上前)Let me try. The shoe is mine.(说着把脚伸进鞋子) 士兵: No, It's not yours. It's too small for you.(把鞋子拿开) 后妈女儿(2): (跳着大喊)It's mine. I AM the queen. Let me try it.(说着把脚伸进鞋子) 士兵(2): No, it's not yours; it's too big for you.(再次把鞋子拿开) 后妈: Hey, sir, maybe it's mine. Let me have a try. (急忙想要去穿鞋子) 士兵(3):(马上把鞋子拿走)Oh, please, it couldn't be YOURS. Are there any other girls in this house? 灰姑娘: Good morning, gentlemen, may I try it? (款款走来) 后妈 :You? That’s impossible! (大喊着,做出“快滚”的手势) 后妈女儿(1): Look at yourself, PLEASE! (讥笑) 后妈女儿(2): So dirty and so ugly! Please not to waste the solders’ time! (讽刺) 士兵: Oh, ladies, let her try! Prince Edward said that all the young girls should have a try. Here, young girl, try it on, please! (送上鞋) 灰姑娘:(轻轻把脚伸进去)Thank you! (试鞋,正好合适) 后妈和两个女儿:It couldn’t be Cinderella! It couldn’t be!! Maybe there’s something wrong, sir! (疯了一样大叫)


白 :Long ago, there lived a girl. Her mather had died and her father had married again,His new wife had two daugters. They are so bad as their mother. The poor girl had to work day and night. She must sleep in the kitchen. She weared drity clothes. All of them called her cinders for Cinderella. However, we’ll show you a different play today.


旁白 :She is so strong, and smart. Especially she is good at sport.

Now, she is running for the 100 meter race.(灰姑娘冲刺,旁边老师读秒:11’9)

Now, she is playing basketball.(灰姑娘以一敌众,轻松灌篮)

Now,she is practicing Chinese gongfu(灰姑娘打拳,对手倒)

This is her----Cinderella

灰姑娘(怒,看旁白) :Do you finish?

旁白 :Ok(结巴)continue, even she is perfect, she still can’t escape the poor life, Why? That is-----

继母(假装洗衣服) :How cold the water! I’m too old to do anything, My leg is so painful.






二姐(奔入,扬动手中传单) :Mom, Mom, Look! There are some leaflets. I got them on the street.

The King is having a party. The Prince will look for a wife.

一姐(托腮) :I must be choosen, I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

二姐(凭空跳舞) :No, Not you. I have the charming shape, I am the Queen.


继母 :Oh, baby. Stop. You two are the most beautiful girls in our country. He will probably choose one of you. Come on , make up yourself. We haven’t enough time!(瞪灰姑娘)Cinderella, what are you doing? Come here, help your sisters!

灰姑娘 :OK, I will. But, mom, can I go to the party tonight? I want to ------


一姐 :Oh, my God! I forgot Tim’s homework. He gave us a lot of homework.. I can’t finish, what should I do ?

二姐(拿书,指,附和) :Oh, Yes, Yes. Look, execise A, excise B, excise C, excise D, excise E, Oh, planning tree, essay, study plan------(偷瞄灰姑娘,哭)Oh, my God! Oh


小狮子找食物 (I Am Hungry)











以上就是大一三人英语小短剧的全部内容,三人英语搞笑话剧剧本 篇1 3人短剧,简单有趣,每人不超过10句话,并且都是很简单的话,经理只有一句词,但是还比较有水平。由一个笑话改编。最后结果出人意料,其实是服务生误解了顾客。内容来源于互联网,信息真伪需自行辨别。如有侵权请联系删除。