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  • 2023-04-12
  • 我最敬佩的人袁隆平英语作文
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  • 我最敬佩的人袁隆平英语作文

    Deng Yaping,28,is a world-famous woman player of table tennis.She comesfrom Henan Province.


    At the age of 4,she began to play ping-pong under herfather's instructions.

    When she was 8 years old,she won the championship in thenational competition of the amateur sports school.


    In 1988 she entered the NationalTraining Team.


    After that she won medals one after another,including gold medalsin the 1 l th Asian Games'Table Tennis Competition and the 41st World Table TennisChampionship and two gold medals in the 25th Olympic Games.


    ls she born a tabletennis player?No. She is only 1.5 meters in height,which is her disadvantage.


    However,she overcame it by hard work and perservance.Her success proves wherethere is a will,there is a way.



    Liuxiang is one of the most famous running athletes. He was born in Shanghai China in 13th. July,1983. He is 1.88m tall and 74 kilograms. He like singing, his favourite singer is Zhang Xueyou. When he was a little boy he like sport very much, he did a lot running exercises. so he can run very fast now. He won 110m men's hurdle's gole medal in 2004. We call him "Air Chinese".

    刘翔是世界上一名著名的跑步运动员 他于1983年7月13号出生在中国上海 他1.88米高 他重74公斤 他的爱行岩好是唱歌 他喜欢的歌手是张学友 他小档慎御时候就喜孝弊欢体育 他过去经常练习跑步所以他后来能跑得非常快 他在2004年奥运会获得110米栏金牌 我们称他为“中国飞人”

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    雹伍腔Whenever you turn on a light,listen to recorded music,or watch a motion picture you are enjoying one of the discoveries of Thomas Alva Edison.In fact,it's difficult to go through a single day without using one of his many important discoveries.Having received 1093 patents in his lifetime,Edison helped us communicate better through his improvements to the telegraph and telephone.He brought music into our homes with his invention of the phonograph.He lit our houses with electricity by designing and building the first indoor electric lighting system.

    Experience Edison's music as it was originally recorded before CDs!

    Credited with the invention of the first phonograph,you will hear Edison's early recordings played on vintage "hand-cranked" cylinder and diamond disc model phonographs.Then try to guess the many different uses proposed by Edison for this remarkable invention.

    Transmit messages in Morse Code via working telegraph keys.

    Explore the period boarding room which depicts Edison's life in Louisville in 1866-67,and discover the significance of the telegraph.


    Zhou Enlai was born in Huai'an,Jiangsu,on March 5,1898.In 1917,he finished school in Nankai Middle School,and then went to France to learn Marxist theory.In 1922,he joined the Chinese Communist Party.After that,he was active in his work and directed the Party work in Shanghai.

    橘铅He led the famous uprising①----Nanchang Uprising on August 1st,1927.Then he took part in the Long March.From 1937 to 1945,he worked in South China.

    After the People's Republic of China was founded,he was elected Premier②of China.He put all his heart into the work and always worked until midnight.He had no time to think about himself,but only the Chinese people.

    Premier Zhou died on January 8th,1976.The whole nation was in deep sorrow at his death for he was loved by all the people.Our beloved Premier Zhou will always be alive in our Chinese people's hearts.He was a great Marxist and communist.


    Anyway,celebrity worship should be wise,people must clear out what they should do and what should not do.

    The negative effect of celebrity worship is that the fans will get mental and physical problem.Because of the fast development of technology,many stars present perfect outlooks on the TV,actually,even their beautiful pictures are being revised.What fans see is the fake phenomenon,they want to look perfect as their idols,so they take all the costs to look like the stars.When they realize there is no way can do this,they will break down,getting hurt mentally and physically.

    Some crazy fans like to college all the things about their idols.No matter what it is,as long as it is about the stars,fans will buy it,even to compete for it.What’s more,the things they college is useless,they just waste money on it.Such behavior should be criticized,the fans should put the money on the meaningful thing.

    Anyway,celebrity worship should be wise,people must clear out what they should do and what should not do.


    The big day will be on a great man,will be suffering of their mind,workers of their bones,their body skin hunger,depletion.This sentence has been validated in many famous successful experience.

    Beethoven was born in December 16,1770 in Bonn,poverty at home and show music talent in him by his father as " roll Qian Shu ".

    Beethoven's father often take the children out to the keyboard made him hard to practice for hours,when playing the wrong time to hit him in the face.The neighbors often heard the child due to fatigue and pain to cry to sleep.This is Beethoven's childhood.

    Youth Beethoven did not escape the fate,from the beginning of 1796,Beethoven found himself hearing loss,for a young pianist and musician enormously proud of one's success,it would mean the end of the world.But Beethoven fought tenaciously and uttered the transmitted through the ages saying:" I will take fate by the throat,it will not bend me."

    " Destiny symphony " this win universal praise,ambitious vision tune,is entirely in the case of deaf Beethoven completed.At last he become the world's greatest musician.Many of his works are widespread.

    This is Beethoven,he with his fighting spirit,the spirit of perseverance,die rather than submit created a song and a good work.

    The famous French writer Romain Rolland once in a segment of words to describe a person:" physical distress is no better.He be plagued by poverty and ill health,be isolated and helpless -- but he was a challenger,humans mediocre Victor,he is suffering a defeat." Yes,writers of the " he " refers to the great musician -- Beethoven.







    著名法国作家罗曼 罗兰曾经用这样一段话形容一个人:“物质生活的窘迫毫无改观.他贫病交加,孤立无援——但他是个挑战者,人类平庸的战胜者,他是痛苦的战胜者.”是的,作家中的“他”就是指伟大的音乐家——贝多芬.


    Martin Luther King, Jr. is a black churchman who lived in the 1900s. Negroes were thought to be bad at that time. Born in 1929, Martin Luther King had a dream to change his fortune. He gave lots of speeches about the right of negroes as well as suggested new laws. It is clear that not only his laws but also his bravery has been already remembered by the Americans. He's the hero of the United States.


    名人简历:雷锋短暂的一生-Lei Fengs Short Life,名人简历:雷锋短

    Lei Feng's Short LifeComrade Lei Feng wasborn in Changsha in 1940, a city in South China. He was from a very poor peasant's family. When he was a little boy, his parents, sister and brother were all dead,so he becameanorphan.Only after his hometownwas liberated in 1949,did he have a chance to go to school. He studied and worked very hard, so he became a League member in 1959.In the spring of 1960,Lei Fen joined thePLA. He was always ready to help others. In November, 1960,he joined the Chinese Communist Party. He wasstrict with himself. He always thought of others first, butneverhimself.Lei Feng died at his post in 1962.He was only 22 at that time.In honour of him, Chairman Mao called the whole nation to learnfromhim.