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  • 2023-04-11
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  • 海底两万里英文摘抄带翻译


    1、My filial son,and abandoned parents,not the bounden duty of God to punish me so quickly,really fair and just.


    2、Man in the reign of God,when the limit of human understanding and narrow the scope of knowledge,it is the supreme good.


    3、At this time,the advice of my parents,my father‘s tears and mother’s prayer,have poured into my mind.


    4、That night,I enjoy drinking nonsense,to repent for their past actions and reflection, and the future under the determination,all thrown into the winds go.


    5、Every time we ship fell into the vortex wave,I think we will not hesitate to overturn sink Harbour no longer floating up.



    我完全不顾父愿,甚至违抗父命,也全然不听母亲的恳求和朋友们的劝阻。我的这种天性,似乎注定了我未来不幸的命运。my father is willing to completely disregard, even defy fuming, totally did not listen to the mother and begged friends discouraged. I have this instinct, it seems doomed to a tragic fate of my future.

    2.我这个不孝之子,背弃父母,不尽天职,老天就这么快惩罚我了,真是天公地道。 my filial son, the parents abandoned, not the vocation, God would punish me so quickly, it is to be exactly as it should be.

    3.唉!人在恐惧中所作出的决定是多么荒唐可笑啊!凡是理智提供他们保护自己的种种办法,一旦恐惧心占了上风,他们就不知道如何使用这些办法了。woe! People in fear of how ridiculous ah! Any reason to provide them all the way to protect themselves, once the heart of fear prevailed, they will not know how to use these methods.

    4尤袜举老其是,在这种不幸的境遇中,上帝指引我认识他,乞求他的祝福,这给了我莫大的安慰。这种幸福足以补偿我曾经遭受的和可能遭受的全部不幸还有余。in particular, in this unfortunate situation, God guide me to know him, for his blessing, it gave me great comfort. This happy enough to compensate I have suffered and may suffer from all have more unfortunate.










    Good word excerpt:

    Stranded, transparency, phagocytosis, the diffuse, swimming, mountain, submissive, at this moment, with mark

    Good sentence excerpt:

    I was terrified, foolishly accounted for in there, like a bolt from the blue to a.

    See this scene, I was furious, leave early to fear. I swear: next time again see such cruelty, must not let them!

    Good excerpt:

    Here the ground covered with many melons, tree hung bunches of grapes, several large, there are bright yellow lemon. I looked down the slope orchard, everywhere is a fresh and green beauty, this is my heart filled with joy, suddenly feel myself into the fertile land beyond all dispute master.

    And suddenly there was a voice calling my name: " Robinson, poor, Robinson, where did you go? " I woke up from a very surprised, looked, originally is the " wave " in me, make me happy. " Wave " mouth those a bit sad tone words are all I teach it. Now I be a survivor of a disaster, it flew into my hand, affectionately repeating those it doesn't understand the words, make people feel warm and warm.

    If you saw me with scenario, would envy: I like the king, a person sitting up so high. " Wave " as if it is my favourite, only it has the right to speak to me, my dog is like an old and faithful servant, while those of a cat, as docile as sitting on both sides. Although I have the supreme authority on the island, but in fact I dressed was not fit to be seen. Sometimes I look at also can not help but can't help laughing.




    1 Title:what kind of transportation you would choose

    开头:If I need to travel to a place 40 miles away from my home,there are a number of different modes of transports I could untilize,namely the bus,a car,or the train.

    结尾:Overall,I think that the car is the best qption,if it is available.The car is conveinent and fortable.However,the bus and the train are both good options if a car is not available.

    佳句:Taking a car is an excellent option,assuming one can afford a car.

    Subway trains are never subject to traffic jams,as they usually run underground.

    2 Title:At the edge of the sea

    开头:The shore is an ancient world,for as long as there has been anearth and sea there has been this place of the meeting of land and water.

    结尾:The beauty of the reflected images and of the limpid pool itself was the poignant beauty of things that are ephemeral,exixting only until the sea should return to fill the little cave.

    佳句:Across the bay the moon was luminous disc in the western sky,suspended above the dim line of distant shore the full August moon,drawing the tide to the low,low levels of the threshould of the alien sea world.

    Occasionally a swell.stronger than the rest,rolled *** oothly over the rim and broke in foam against the cliff.

    3 Title:the missing blue flower

    开头:薯卖帆Each spring brings a new blossom of wildflowers

    in the ditches along the highway I travel daily to work.

    结尾:And yes,if I see

    the blue flowers again,you can bet I'll stop and transplant them to my

    wildflower garden.

    佳句:I do believe that God has given us some time left to plant some wonderful

    memories that will bloom every year for us.

    There is one particular blue flower that has

    always caught my eye.

    4 标题:a divine accident

    开头:I’m as sure-footed as they e.That’s why I was so surprised when I stumbled on a subway grate on the morning of December 5,2004.

    结尾:My daughter Olivia has drawn my favorite conclusion:“Mommy,I think an angel pushed you.”

    佳句:As everyone fussed and fretted,I remained calm.

    Six weeks of bed rest followed,and my healthy girls arrived close to their due date.

    5 标题:明天来更.都是手打的、自己整理的!



    1.Yesterday, I read a book, the name of the book is《Dr Bethune》.

    Dr Bethune was a famous doctor From Canada. In 1938, he came to China. At that time , China was at war with Japan. He worked as a doctor in the Chinese army and saved many soldiers’侍棚枝 lives. He worked very hard and became sick. Dr Bethune died in 1939. He was only 49 years old. He was a good man and we remember him today.

    I think the book is very, very good!

    2.Yesterday, I read a book, the name of the book is《Dr Bethune》.

    Dr Bethune was a famous doctor From Canada. In 1938, he came to China. At that time , China was at war with Japan. He worked as a doctor in the Chinese army and saved many soldiers’ lives. He worked very hard and became sick. Dr Bethune died in 1939. He was only 49 years old. He was a good man and we remember him today.

    I think the book isvery good!

    3.Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea 海底两万里老敏

    Story started in 1866. Aronnax, a natural historian, was studying for a large monster under the sea. At that time, the monster’s massagers were traveling around the world. After the investigation, he would return from aboard. And then he received an invitation from sea forces of America. So he was going to make the monster die out.

    4 Brown Eyes棕眼

    Peter and Susan arrived at their hotel in Lea-on-Sea. They always visit a beautiful island every year. But this time, they meet a man who pretends to be Peter. He has the same face as Peter by his mask. He is Stephen Griggs. He killed Susan and takes out his mask, and then gives Peter the gun! In this way, peter was caught by the police.

    5 Surfer!冲浪好和燃手

    Nick is a good surfer. He wants to go to Australia for three months. But his parents don’t like his plan. They want Nick to go t




    they walked forward, the road becomes more and more rugged and steep. in the western countryside, neither farm, nor the housing, land has not been cultivated.2、数十株老树横枝,三五间雕窗映日;疏檐篱院,鱼吹池面之波。后几层待月轩,逶迤伫月;武陵桃放,渔人何处识迷津。

    庚领梅开,词客此中寻好句。dozens of tree branches, 35 carved window yingri; yan lei shu institute, fish pond wave blowing. after a few months to layer xuan, meandering in months; wuling peach, where the fisherman's general maze. geng mei collar, the versifiers in search of a good sentence.3、美丽的鲜花处处开放,羽毛奇特的鸟儿在树丛里婉转鸣唱。

    beautiful flowers everywhere, strange bird feathers in the bushes melodious singing.4、她穿着一件白色外衣,许多褶边从双肩上挂下来,衣服上点缀着许多小星星,像钻石似的在阳光里闪烁。she was wearing a white coat, many ruffles hanging off the shoulders, clothes dotted with many small stars, like diamonds in the sun flashing.5、面皮黑7a686964616fe78988e69d8331333431363664而瘦,身材小而秀;鼻孔掀而露,耳轮大而厚;两眉短而制,双眼圆而溜;口唇红而肉,牙齿疏而透;手脚轻而骤,气色仁而寿。

    skinned black and thin, the figure is small and show; nostril lift and dew, helix thick; the two eyebrows short of, round eyes and slip; red lips and meat, teeth sparse through; light hands and feet and flash, the complexion of benevolence and longevity.6、房间氏拆睁中央有一个小巧的喷泉,把一股股绿色大理石雕花水盆里。there is a small fountain in the middle of the room, the strands of green marble carved in the basin.7、他穿着华丽的粉色丝绸和紫色天鹅绒的衣服。

    he was dressed in gorgeous pink silk and purple velvet.8、你所需要的是在于你自己信任自己。当遇见危险的时候,没有一种生物是不害怕的。

    真正的胆量御肆,是当你在害怕的时候,仍旧面对着危险,那种胆量,你是并不缺少的。all you need to do is trust yourself. there is no living creature that is not afraid when it is in danger. true courage is when you are afraid of it, still face the danger, the kind of courage, you are not the lack of.9、满面浮油,也会谈忠论孝;一身横肉,惯能惹是招非。


    屡发非分之财,常兔应得之祸。a slick, also talks on filial piety loyalty; a hengrou, used to reshizhaofei. mesh copper exposed light, meets the woman do akinami; with money will often see poor smelly, but in addition to cold. jing fu trend, hard for the gentry point; fear of bullying, a singles title. repeat the disaster due to ill-gotten gains, often in rabbits.10、下午,火辣辣的太阳晒在他们的脸上,没有树木为他们遮荫,天还没黑,多萝西、托托和狮子就感到累了,躺在草地上睡着了,樵夫和稻草人守护着他们。

    in the afternoon, the hot sun sun on their faces, no trees for shade to them, still black, dorothy and toto and the lion felt tired, lying on the grass and fell asleep, the woodman and the scarecrow to guard them.。



    1、I know three shiftless farmhands who will be out of a job before they know it!

    2、Someday they're going to erect a statue to me in this town.

    3、The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

    4、Just because you own half the county doesn't mean you have the power to run the rest of us!

    5、For 23 years I've been dying to tell you what I've thought of you, but being a Christian woman, I can't say it!

    6、We've got to verify it legally, to see if she is morally, ethically, spiritually,physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead.

    7、From now on, you'll be history and we will glorify you're name.

    8、You'll be a bust in the hall of fame!

    9、You'll find he is a wiz of a wiz, if ever a wiz there was!

    10、With the thoughts you'd be thinking, you could be another Lincoln.

    11、I'd be friends with the sparrows, and the boy who shoots the arrows, if I only had a heart.

    12、That's how we laugh the day away, in the merry old land of Oz.

    13、We can make a dimple out of a frown.

    14、Remember my sentimental friend, a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

    15、You're looking at a man who has sneered at doom and chuckled at atastrophe.

    16、I learned that if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look further than my own backyard.


    绿野仙踪 稻草人:“这样看来,肉做的身体一定很不方便了,”稻草人关切地说,“因为你必须睡觉,吃东西和喝水。

    但是不管怎么样,你有脑子,能够思想,解决许多烦恼的事,还是很值得的。” “你能够给我脑子吗!”稻草人问。


    一个初生的婴儿就有脑子,但是他不能够知道 许多事情。经验是带来知识的唯一的好东西,你生活在这世界上愈长久,你一定愈能够得到 经验。”

    “也许这完全是真话,”稻草人说,“但是我十分不快乐,除非你把脑子给了我。” 这个假魔术家十分用心地注视着他。

    “好,”他叹着一口气说道,“我虽然不是像我夸说的一个很能干的魔术家;但是如果 明天早晨你到我这里来,我将用脑子塞进你的脑壳里。但是我不能够告诉你怎样地去运用脑 子;你必得自己去运用它。”

    “啊,谢谢你,谢谢你!”稻草人喊道,“不必担心,我将自己找出一个方法,来运用 脑子!” “关于我的胆量怎么办呢?”狮子烦躁地问他。 “我相信你有很大的胆量,”奥芝回答说,“你所需要的是在于你自己信任自己。

    当遇 见危险的时候,没有一种生物是不害怕的。真正的胆量,是当你在害怕的时候,仍旧面对着 危险,那种胆量,你是并不缺少的。”

    “也许我有,但是我还是照样地害怕,”狮子说,“除非你使我忘记自己是小胆狮,否 则,我仍旧是十分不快乐的。” 奥芝回答说:“很好,明天我将给你那种胆量。”

    “关于我的心怎么样呢!”铁皮人问。 “啊,至于那个,”奥芝回答道,“我想你要一颗心是错误的。

    那东西使得很多的人不 快乐。只要你明白了这一点,那么,没有一颗心正是你的运气。”

    “这是一个意见不同的问题,”铁皮人说,“在我说起来,如果你把心给了我,我将忍 受着一切的不快乐,没有一句怨恨的话。” “很好,”奥芝又温和又谦逊地回答他,“明天到我这里来,我将给你一颗心。

    我曾经 这样地玩过许多年的魔术,那我可以同样地再来玩一次。”。










    执行 制伏 低沉 示意 粗暴 凶猛 统治 通往 违背 漫延 效劳 自如 高明 虚荣 生平 捉弄 追逐 苦恼 气概 效劳 驱使 纷纷 聚集 各自 结实 旷野 爱慕 抽噎

    依依不舍 养尊处优 惟命是从 严严实实

    咬牙切齿 无忧无虑 竭尽全力 莫明其妙







































    我最佩服多萝西的勇气,因为我是个遇到困难就想放弃的人,每次遇到困难,我都会想着放弃,比如上补习班,一遇到难题就不想学了,所以 从现在起,我要向多萝茜和她的朋友学习,做一个坚强的孩子,勇敢地面对困难。